ViewSonic G-Tablet Unboxed And Reviewed

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3 Nov, 2010 10:06 pm


Well that was quick, ViewSonic’s G-Tablet spotted up on the other day apparently started shipping last month because the unboxing and review videos are hitting YouTube already. To remind you, it’s ViewSonic’s less heard about Tegra 2 tablet with a 10.1″ 1024 x 600 capacitive multi-touch display, 16GB external storage, 512MB RAM, Android 2.2, 1.3MP webcam, mini USB, host USB and SD card.

One reviewer mentioned below, matthewfrank, likes the hardware, port locations and build but didn’t like the custom GUI job on top of Android. He notes web browsing is fairly quick, the touchscreen is responsive, the display is bright, HD video playback is great and the accelerometer kicks in quickly. No Marketplace but he’s able to sideload apps (Another user, r34p3rex has got Marketplace working, video below). Flash was not installed either so he couldn’t view YouTube videos. Ultimately he calls it a “toy” since it’s not useful for his workflow.

Unboxing video from a xguntherc:

YouTube Preview Image

Browser test from the same user:

YouTube Preview Image

And a review from a matthewfranke:

YouTube Preview Image

Another review from a NatePride (multiple videos):

YouTube Preview Image

Android Market with Google GMail on the ViewSonic G-Tablet:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • sola

    Looks like Viewsonic shouldn’t have tried to customize the tablet software :)Would have been better off with a stock 2.2 ROM image.The biggest mistake is the non-working Flash, especially they advertise the tablet’s Flash capability.I would fire their release manager or whoever authorized the release without working Flash

  • sola

    Still, they all say the hw is solid, that is encouraging for Viewsonic.

    $379 is not a very bad price for this tablet and it will certainly go lower for Christmas.

  • sola

    Would be nice to know the speed of the RAM in the machine.

  • Togorth Gorth

    it looks like a rebranded malata zpad

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  • Developer In Training

    I just got the tablet today and am trying it out. I agree that not having flash (current version) is not ideal. I was hoping for the race car software I saw on review to at least play with. Nope. Not installed. The system is barebones installed. Still, this tablet has potential. In the meantime, roll up the sleeves, Google away, and help build the software repository.

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  • Dimosroumpas

    hi there!
    Got one from e bay..
    These tablets are fantastic!!
    I am a newbe in Android os..
    Managed to install and work flash 10 in the tablet..Its easy enough
    you will need an updated file from toshiba folio 100 (it has the same problem)
    and the market place working now with success.You can see the advises from r34p3rex member hes the man!!
    working the Hd video files for the time being it seems that is a matter of software.. it have not fluent playing I think some proper software needed.. working at this..I will post new information if I have further results..Take a look at XDA FORUM DEVELOPERS

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  • Mike

    Heads-up…. Sears is selling these for $350 December 10,11,12 They seem to be selling quite quickly.