Unboxing: ACER Happy Dual Core Netbook

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1 Nov, 2010 4:00 pm


Netbook News has gone down to the computer market here in Taipei and picked up the Acer Happy in Baby Blue. The version we’ve got has the Intel Atom D550 dual core processor with 1GB of DDR3 RAM. The Happy is officially launched and released in Europe and the UK. If you haven’t been reading the news, the Acer Aspire One Happy is basically identical to one of their earlier netbooks but is available in a variety of bold colors along with an optional dual core Atom N550and N475 processor.

Again, there’s zero mention of any HD playback card inside which we were curious about ever since we spotted such drivers on Acer’s driver pages for this netbook. We might take it apart this week to take a look inside to see if there is in fact a free PCI slot where we might see this appear in the future models. Windows Experience Index gives a score of 2.9 which is on par with other dual core Atom N550 netbooks. Now we wait for Acer to release an ION 2 10-incher to compete with ASUS’ 1015PN.

YouTube Preview Image

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