iDuple Launches Cloud Tablet – Everything In the Cloud

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26 Oct, 2010 1:23 pm

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A tablet with a light weight OS based on Linux, that’s quick to launch and is mainly just a browser, has no hard drive and everything runs in the cloud. Sounds like a Chrome OS tablet but it’s not, it’s iDuple’s Cloud Tablet although they’ve both got the same idea in mind with a device that works entirely in the cloud.

Everything is run in a browser on this OS and all your data is stored on a secure server. You can access your tablet from any computer that has a browser. While there’s no hard disk for storage, there’s an SD card instead of that purpose and 50GB storage online. You can supposedly sign up to see what it’s like at

The tablet boasts a 5 sec boot up, Wi-Fi for a price less than one third that of a netbook. 3G models are also in the works. It’s not mentioned but we can see a kickstand, a few audio ports and perhaps a mini USB on the side. It’s expected out early next year for business users, with a channel opening up for developers and hobbyists. Not too sure it’s wise for a small startup to launch a tablet early next year since that’s when all the big makers, at least, will be launching tablets of their own, along with Google’s Chrome OS which would easily overshadow this.

More information at iDuple blog.

Source: Liliputing

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  • sola

    I would certainly not buy a machine which is so dependent on the net/cloud.

    I want a machine which can use cloud services when they are available but works perfectly standalone when they are not.