Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Accessory List

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20 Oct, 2010 9:21 am


If you are looking to be productive on the Samsung Galaxy Tab they have just released details on the range of accessories that will soon be available. The Keyboard will have 83 keys, a charger and audio jack and is designed to work in portrait mode. The cost is £69.99 in the UK and for that price one would assume that there would be an integrated extended battery.

The list doesn’t stop there, we’re also seeing a few other accessories along with the physical keyboard.:

  • Multimedia Desk Dock with HDMI jack and 3.5mm speaker jack for £39.99
  • Notebook/Stand case made of leather which can be used to prop up the Tab for £29.99
  • Leather Slip case for £24.99
  • D30 Silicon/Gel case for £19.99
  • Portable Speakers for £19.99
  • Headphones in black or white for £19.99
  • Samsung High Speed Class 4 2GB to 8GB MicroSDHC memory cards for £8.99 to £23.99
  • Travel Adapter for the UK for £34.99
  • USB Data cable for £14.99
  • TV-out cable for £14.99
  • In-car charger for £24.99

Only the folks in the UK will be seeing these products and will be available November 1st, although the keyboard dock will be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse at launch.

There is not word yet on US pricing for the Tab’s accessories, but we are wondering if they aren’t keeping the Bluetooth stylus which was spotted a few weeks ago for US launch. This is unlikely but I’ve got my fingers crossed since I wanted to give that a whirl.

We took a video at IFA of some of the Galaxy Tab Accessories, so take a look below if you want to check them out on video.

YouTube Preview Image

Via Liliputing & TechRadar

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