ARM President Outlines “Three Phases” of the Tablet Market

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18 Oct, 2010 10:56 pm


Tudor Brown, the President of ARM discussed tablet today and affirms that tablets are a big deal and that they are far from meeting their full potential. To Brown, the current tablet market is simply ‘phase one’ of three total stages. We are currently in phase 1 in which there is only one company on the market, Apple. “You have to respect the iPad because it has singlehandedly created and driven a market,” Brown said. “There are not many markets where one company has such a lead.”

Phase two means market validation where other tablets emerge to “fill in the gaps,” said Brown. The emergence of several iPad rivals will represent the market developing into a complete ecosystem. Brown expressed surprise at the slow pace of most iPad competitors. “I’m amazed it’s taken nine months for others to bring something out,” he said. iPad competitors are currently waiting on Android 3.0 to be released because MarketPlace will provide a similar ecosystem to Apple’s App Store. In my opinion the late release date is being artificially maintained because 3.0 is coming out around 6 months after 2.0. We all know that manufacturers aren’t the best at releasing hardware updates. If Google would release 3.0 so soon after 2.0 the manufactures wouldn’t be able to cope.

In phase three is when the tablets can easily connect over the air to other screens, particularly televisions, according to Brown. “Just like an iPod has become many peoples’ music collections, tablets will become our video repositories,” he said. This shift could occur in as little as six months or as long as three years, said Brown. “Developing that technology isn’t easy,” he noted.

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  • Anonymous

    We can all sit back and debate whether the iPad has created this tablet market. The iPad created an iPad market. It’s a big stretch to say otherwise. It’s only guessing because well, what else is out there? Lastly, what can these upcoming tablets do better than the iPad? Exactly. There is nothing that they will likely do better. The iPad IS the tablet market.

  • George Ingram

    Phase 3 Starts when the Tablets and really Feel You

  • Charbax

    Archos has been on phase 3 for about 5 years now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why, but you got a good giggle out of me. I have no idea what exactly is was that you said and it has nothing to do with anything I may or may not have inhaled in the last 30 minutes.

    On a side note, did I mention that tablets are perfect near toilets? I think that will be the next press release from ARM interests. They can do everything except for wiping….. the floor.

  • sola

    It is absolutely true that the tablet market is the iPad at the moment.

    There is still no serious offer on the market. The Galaxy Tab is way too expensive, the cheapo tablets are weak in processing power, not comparable to the iPad.

    This is about to change though. When the GBP250 Dixons/Advent tablet (in two weeks if they keep the deadline) and other Tegra2 based machines start selling, the picture might change rapidly. I am, personally, for the Notion Ink Adam but that may prove to be very expensive here in Europe.

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