Photos Added to the New MacBook Air Rumor (Update: Photo Shows 11-Incher)

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19 Oct, 2010 12:20 pm


Update: That leaked inside photo of a MacBook is apparently the 11-incher not the 13-incher – an early model codenamed K18, dating back to at least April this year, according to a source over at Apple Insider familiar with both models. At the same time, a MacRumors forum member, diddl14, analysed the photo and found the device to be 10.1″ in size.

Apple rumors are always flying around but the latest one seems to include a photo. An anonymous source has provided Engadget with the tear down photo of what is meant to be the New MacBook Air. This Ultra thin pricy devices appears to measure in at 13.3″, 3 pounds & 0.76 inches. The rumors indicated that the new Air would be 11.6, which I personally would have enjoyed more, but the photo below look like a 13.3″.

The photos show extra battery cells, and if you missed it on first glance there is no hard drive. This supports a rumor that Apple is developing a new type of solid state drive that uses flash storage without taking up as much space as a traditional hard drive. It actually isn’t rocket science to make this assumption as many of the first netbooks were based on flash memory. It is a safe bet that is Apple is going this route their version would have faster speeds then the lighting fast SD card experience offered by netbooks.

Engadget’s tipster says what we’re looking at is an early prototype using the same Intel Core 2 Duo SL9400 processor as current MacBook Air models. Meaning this is a final product and is most likely a prototype and there still might be something to the rumor of a 11.6 inch MacBook Air.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Mr. Jobs has to say at the October 20th press conference.

Via Engadget

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