Canonical Shows Off Touch Experience On Unity Interface

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15 Oct, 2010 1:25 pm


While the Unity Interface on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 may not be as slick or as fast as we expected, it’s still a work in progress and it’s not only just intended for netbooks but as a quick booting OS alternative on desktop computers. It’s also being developed with touchscreen usage in mind.

That’s where uTouch comes in which was announced earlier this year. This latest video from Canonical shows off the progress being made with the Unity interface and uTouch and it’s looking pretty touch friendly with good use of multi-touch.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: OMG Ubuntu!

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  • Robert

    I won’t be using touch interfaces with my desktop PC that’s for sure. That would be very awkward. Especially on large monitors and/or ones placed further than your arm can reach. None of these touch enhancements will beat a physical mouse and keyboard.

    Touch interfaces are just a way to make do when a physical mouse and keyboard aren’t available because the device needs to be small or some other reason. As the device gets larger (ie. tablets and desktops) it gets more and more cumbersome and becomes more of a novelty.

  • Anonymous

    Does this work with the accelerometer? I’ve been wondering what would happen if you changed the orientation, because you wouldn’t want that bar to still be on the side, it’d need to go to the bottom.