PCD Android Tablet Offers 1080p Video & Games Streamed to Your TV

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11 Oct, 2010 4:37 pm

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Mark over at LaptopMag was able to grab some time with the only new tablet release at CTIA! (Jealous, just a little!). I’ll get over it since the company that made this 7 inch tablet is Taiwanese. Cywee has produced at CTIA, which PCD is bringing that is streaming a 1080p on a Marvell chip to a big-screen. The stregth of the signal was demonstrated when the tablet went to the other end of the booth and into a cabnet and the streaming quality remained flawless.

The tablet gets even more exciting when a racing game, using the device’s 9-axis accelerometer as a remote control is played on the big screen with zero latency. This is not a feat that many tablets are able to pull off, as the tablet is communicating with a set-top box receiver, which connects to your TV via HDMI. Cywee uses a special codec in combination with Wi-Fi for video transmission that cuts down or eliminates latency, and the company claims that it’s solution is better optimized for games than Apple’s upcoming AirPlay. The transmitter portion of the tablet makes the Slate fairly bulky, but the final device is meant to loose some weight before it hits the streets around the middle of next year.

If you want to see the tablet in action, unfortunatly you’ll have to do a bit more clicking since we can’t embed the videos on our page. Here is the link to Mark’s story where you’ll see the 7 inch Cywee in action.

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