ASUS Eee PC 1015PN Lacks Optimus, Requires Reboot To Switch Graphics

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7 Oct, 2010 12:49 am


Looks like I’ve forgotten one small detail on the newly shipping ASUS Eee PC 1015PN – Nvidia Optimus is only for Windows 7 Home Premium and the 1015PN comes with Windows 7 Starter, so no Optimus. You’ll notice that disclaimer mentioned on the 1015PN product page at ASUS. Blogeee, via a person who’s already bought one, has discovered in its place is ASUS GraphicsSwitch – an app for manually switching between the Nvidia ION GPU and integrated GMA 3150 graphics. Ok, that’s better than nothing right? Well like dual graphic notebooks of yesteryear, this feature requires a reboot to actually switch graphic gears. Makes me wonder how is Optimus is being disabled.. is it done through hardware or software?

Source: Blogeee

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  • JK

    so is it possible to get Optimus working, if you upgrade your starter to home premium? and also is it only for home premium or is any higher version than starter okay?

  • Birdy

    this is a HUGE misstep on Asus part, ask anybody whos ever owned a dual GFX laptop what the typical user scenario was, they would just never switch gfx at all, too much trouble.

    Asus should have just shipped with W7HP & raised the price of the unit, they will get a tremendous amount of backlash over this.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, upgrading will let you get Optimus working and it should work with higher versions as well. Starter Edition just has too many limits imposed on it…

  • Nurbla

    hopefully they add WXGA along with W7HP later

    cus’ WSVGA & W7S just aint cuttin it these days!