AlphaUI Intros Back-typing Keyboard For Tablets

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4 Oct, 2010 11:28 pm


I can’t remember where I’ve heard of this before – a back-facing keyboard on a tablet but anyway it looks like someone’s been working on that idea in the form of an accessory  - AlphaUI has announced the I back-type back facing keyboard for tablets.

Basically, you attach your tablet, 5″ – 7″ in size to the front of the keyboard and you type on the keys on the rear side. There’s a custom virtual keyboard app that goes along with it. AlphaUI claims it’s quite intuitive and you can reach speeds of up to 250 characters / minute. The product is still in prototype / Beta stage as you can apply to be a Beta tester through a form on their homepage but that ended 30th September.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: AlphaUI

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