Netbook Freeware : Windows Live Essentials 2011 BETA available for Download Now!!

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1 Oct, 2010 2:26 pm


The beta version of Windows Live essential is now available for download but the important thing to notice is that it is ONLY available for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. All new netbooks come with Windows 7 and it should work great.

Windows Live Essentials Beta

The beta program includes a lot of interesting and free Apps, which are great for netbooks users.

1. Photo Gallery
Using this application you can search your photo collections using  face recognition, tags, or keywords (great feature). The application comes with an auto adjust feature to fix your images in one click, and finally, an option great for social networking – you can share your favorite photos on Windows Live, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube.

2. Mail
The mail application lets you manage multiple e-mail accounts including Hotmail, Gmail and other pop3 accounts that you have in one place. Its a good free alternative email client to use. The application has options for hotmail users to send large emails via Skydrive and search feature is also great as it helps in organizing conversations.

3. Movie Maker
I am not sure if many would use this feature from a netbook but to keep it simple this appliction create beautiful, memorable movies, then publish to the web in a few clicks.


The messenger has been update to great extents having the feature to talk in real time with HD video chat. You have the option to get all the social networking updates directly in your messenger. You have the option ot use Messenger using this application, on the web and also on your mobile. The tabbed chat option is also a great feature added to the new Windows Live Messenger.

This application let you write blogs, make short notes on the go.

Download Windows Live Essential 2011 Now!!

Via : Download Squad

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