Cooliris Developing For Tegra, Shows Off Android Gallery App – GTC 2010

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22 Sep, 2010 1:36 pm


Cooliris, known for their gallery browser add-on for Firefox was over at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference showcasing their gallery app ported to Android on the Tegra 2 platform and Android, basically to show that they are developing for the Tegra platform and want to be ready when Tegra 2 tablets hit en-masse. We should start seeing the first wave of Tegra 2 tablets hit next month as indicated by shipping dates for tablets that are already up for pre-order (Elocity A7, LuvPad AD100, ePad N7). Actually the LuvPad AD100 should start shipping at the end of this month. We’ve already seen the Tegra 2 ship on non-tablets – the Toshiba AC100 in several countries.

YouTube Preview Image

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